Packing and Logistics

Micronized calcite and calcite granules Bigbags packaging products and packages to kraft bag is 25kg. Bulk products are shipped with Silobas. Liquid Slurry tankers are provided with the shipment of calcite.
Our delivery 7/24  is carried out by the principle, as demanded by our customers 7 days a week delivery of the products is ensured hour. In the company with the purpose of transporting bulk products silobas 15, 25 dumptrucks, 2 special insulated slurry tanker built in our factory we serve.
Products of 6000 m2 two-storey custom built products were rested in stock, ready for shipment is made.
Our Bigbags polypropylene packaging materials and are manufactured according to international safety standards, are available from our approved suppliers are covered by occupational safety and health after undergoing safety tests are used.
Bigbag Packaging Weights (Kg)
  500 Kg Polypropylene Bigbags
1000 kg polypropylene Bigbags
1500 Kg Polypropylene Bigbags
Our Kraft bags are tear-and abrasion-resistant and double-decker. Occupational Health and Safety within the scope of swagger bag weight is 25 kg, respectively. Filling of the bags being carried out with 100% automatic filling systems, precision scales found on line after being subjected to automatically control the weight of 25kg + - 1% tolerance which is in bags, are arranged on pallets by robots.
Pallet Weight of Bag Products
In 25 Kg Weight + - 1% tolerant,
-1200Kg-1250kg-1000 kg 1575 kg 1500 kg-tracked
* Crawler product weights may vary according to product type.

SILO ( Bulk )
Calcite bulk shipment way and means to ensure the filling is stocked in large silotank are automatic. Silobas 30 - 35m3 in volume and vehicle carrying capacity ranges from 25-30 tons.
TANKER (Slurry Calcite)
Slurry calcite 15m3 (28 tons) tank with volume shipments are made. Tanks for the protection of the product from any kind of weather is insulated,'s keep tanks located in the mixer.