Micronized Calcium Carbonate Export
Calcite exports are supplied in different packaging. 
1000kg Bigbag
1250kg Silingbag
     25kg Kraftbag 
Calcite Ore Export
Turkey has high quality calcite reserves of the world.  Esen also has a best qaulity clcium carbonate reserves in Marmara Island. Marmara Island Calcite has very high whitness and low yellowness value. Esen has own calcite ore in Marmara Island and our company also has crushing, screening and washing facility of calcium carbonate in Marmara Island and the raw materials are processed here. Marmara Island Saraylar seaport has of 110mt lenght and 10 mt draft and it can be load between 3.000mt- 10.000mt vessel. Customs at the port is located. Esen provide size of 6-130mm crushed, screened and washed calcite ore to many customers of the world.