Quality Policy

ESEN's Quality Policy
• Ensure customer satisfaction
• As part of our quality to see our suppliers,
• Environmental protect,
• Provide a safe working environment,
• Our employees to make informed and participating individuals,
• Our brand and our company will represent the best way to ensure the physical and administrative infrastructure,
• Pre-sales, sales and after-sales communicate with our customers a powerful,
• All areas and applications consistently in line with our targets to heal.
ESEN's Quality Management System
All company activities are carried out in accordance with the Quality Manual. Quality Management System, used special computer software are being followed. The written procedures and instructions to departments and managers responsible for business units on the system can be seen by the staff. Instructions and procedures through the system instantaneously changes personnel are informed about publication. Department of the follow-up on a regular basis by senior management, with the aim of carrying out actions on the system by opening the job till the end of the task can be completed.
Evaluation of Customer Complaints
Communicated to the Company for customer complaints CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) opened through the system, the department responsible for the distribution of work by making the problem, the root cause of the problem related to preventive action is happening in writing that they will be reported and the end of work on senior officials by the CPA are closed. Final report submitted customer complaint is shared with authorized.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our company related to Occupational Health and Safety, taking all kinds of measures, as required by laws and regulations, applications are realized. In this context, national and international norms and responsible for Occupational Health and Safety Our specialist staff are determined at the following new applications, the implementation is provided within the business. Occupational health and safety training is provided to employees under the company on a regular basis.