Slurry Calcium Carbonate

Calcite ore milled together with water in the slurry producing the desired fineness is achieved. Available in production that uses micronized calcite powder paint and paper manufacturers, have preferred to calcite dispersed slurry existing workforce by providing a shortening of the production process and will gain a cost advantage. Slurry calcite are of great interest, especially in the paint and paper industries. The dispersant is added during the production due to agents such as biocides and calcite precipitation is prevented before and after the production of bacteria is maintained. Slurry shipment of calcite, insulating and resistant to all weather conditions is carried out with a stirrer tanks.
Esen Slurry provide the user of the main advantages of calcite are listed below:
• Products are shipped concentrate production process is accelerated, and increases production capacity 
• There will be no additional dispersion mixture does not need to further energy savings 
• Dispersion is shortened, energy saving is achieved. 
• Product packaging waste does not occur because it is liquid. 
• Items will be stored as a liquid in the tank provides the advantage of inventory space. 
• The number of personnel used in the production process saves.
• İlave karışım yapılmayacağından ek dispersiyona gerek kalmaz, enerji tasarrufu sağlar