Calcite Ore

High Whiteness 
High Brightness
Low Yellowness

Calcite in   Paint

High Coverage 
High Whiteness 
High Stability 
UV Resistance 
Mitigating Effect of Cost 
More Fill Use

Calcite in Plastic

PVC-PE-PP Saving 
Cost Optimization 
Surface Smoothness 
High Quality Compound 
Machine Efficiency

Calcite in Paper

High Quality Paper 
More White Paper 
Lower Costs 
Very Good Coated Paperboard 
More Fill Use

Calcite in Film&Stretch

Odorless Compound 
Odorless and Stretch Bag 
Surface Smoothness 
Use less PE
High Stability 
Machine Efficiency

Calcite in Cable

PVC-PE Saving
Low Chemical Oil Usage 
UV Resistance 
Machine Efficiency 
Surface Smoothness 
Cost Optimization

Calcite in Plastic Pipe

More Silent Pipe 
Low Cost 
Surface Smoothness 
More Fill use

Construction Chemicals

Standard Pattern Mineral Plaster 
Grouting in High Quality 
Long Pot Life, UV resistance 
High Adhesion Strength 
More White Sealant 
Superior Adhesives

Calcite in Insulation

Thermal Insulation 
Car Carpet 
Latex Under Carpet
Sound Insulation for White Goods 
And is used as filler in many fields


Esen Mikronize A.Ş use own mine reserves for the production of G.C.C. Esen has been established in 1988 and to day working as main G.C.C supplier more than 1,500 manufacturers in 12 different sectors.

Production Facilities
Our company has production facilities in different places. Our facility has great advantages in logistics. Raw material crushing, screening and washing our plant is located in Marmara Island. Calcite, calcite and Grano Slurry our production facility in Istanbul is located.
Calcıte Applıcatıon Areas
Calcium carbonate is having a wide field, which is used in many areas of our lives is a filler. Inorganic mineral calcite, a plurality of different sectors of production costs of filler that optimizes the most important. 
Coated Calcite with stearic acid has hydrophobic properties. Coated calcite unaffected by moisture, absorb less fat, organic polymers such as PE-PP-PVC is a perfect fit with. Covered in calcite surface smoothness allows the space used, slider feature to increase the efficiency of the machine, extruder screw and die because it reduces wear Coated Calcite in the sectors studied have been the cause of choice.
Micronized Calcite Sectoral Use our Table can be found here.                                                                                                 
Qualıty And Documents
Our company is the raw material from the supply to be produced, marketed shipment after-sales support to the ongoing process of monitoring of the quality management system under perform, the company activities can be monitored and be sustainable manufacturing, laboratory, shipping, marketing and customer relationships of all data into the computer system are recorded. All departments of our company's Quality Management System has been operating as a part of.
Traceability of products
LOT number is given for each product produced; the date on which the product is produced, the shift of production place, the product was packaged very detailed information on the production line is written on the packaging. lot of records in the computer system kept under production data retrospectively to the data of manufactured products is achieved instantaneously.
Customer Relationship Management
Products and services marketed in the process of CRM management is the most effective way to implement, pre-sales, sales during and after the customer relationship most effectively managed, the process occurring in customer complaints quickly and effectively to be resolved on the system "CPA" opening the responsible staff and department manager of the problem Examination of the root cause detection, where the measures taken as a result of the preparation of the final report, CPA closure is provided by senior managers, CPA final report was shared with the client process is terminated effective.
Input Control Products and Services
Company used under all types of packaging, supplies, fuel, chemical agents, commercial products and so on. inputs accept the product ranges have been determined, the product of laboratory products by input control carried accept values ​​that products in stock are taken, unsuitable products related to the supplier CPA opened improvements being demanded, the problematic entries refund or product exchange process is required. .