Calcite, with chemical formula CaCO3 crystallized calcium 
carbonate known as an industrial mineral. Calcite, translucent, white colored and the Mohs hardness of 3, specific gravity 2.71 gr/m3 respectively. Melting point under atmospheric pressure of 1025 1339 calcite degrees. Calcareous sedimentary rocks are usually (limestone, etc..), And is the main component of marble. Our country has the world's highest quality calcite reserves. High whiteness, yellowness, at low levels of calcite are exported to many countries of the world is an important industrial mineral.

Calcite ore grinding results in various dilutions to pulverization "micronized calcite Products" is obtained. Our company has high-quality calcite ore "Micronized Dry Grinding, Slurry (wet grinding)and Screening" as the production is carried out in three different ways. Ground calcite filler used as raw material in many industries.
Our company has high whiteness and low yellowness value of its own to obtain raw material deposits, raw color vaues made ​​and after removal, the micronized product is stable and the product color standard is always protected. 
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Stable colors 
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