Calcite; HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)-based manufactured bags, garbage bags, and bags made based LLDPE-LDPE and industrial blown film and BOPP film used in the production of polished thin filler is indispensable.
Of products in the industry because it is in very fine micron compound with manufacturers using very precise machines and these machines manufactured within the compound of the filler material is required to produce the highest quality.
Esen Micronized developed new production technologies with PE film industry operating in the compund manufacturers the highest whiteness and low yellowness value with calcite raw materials using the high stability of the micronized calcite realize the production and special coating technology using the calcite particles the surface of the high homogeneity with stearic acid coating provides
PE Applications: Film Compound manufacturers supplied Esen 400E coded our product, pre-production and post-production special needs of the sector in accordance with the quality control process is passed, whereby our customers the same quality and standard of the product shipment by performing our customers sustainable quality contribute to the understanding is provided.
Benefits of Esen Calcite : 
•Softer compound production in whiteness is achieved.
•Odorless compound and bags production
•More white and shiny surface
•More soft bag surface
•The machine is prevented erosion, higher machine efficiency
•Superior dispersion and homogeneous particle distribution