Our company which was renewed in 2013 with the laboratory providing laboratory services to customers faster and more effectively aimed. New investment in the expanded field and laboratory studies, has been the use of new laboratory equipment.

Laboratoy Equipment :
•  Malvern Mastersizer 2000 "Product of measurement units" 
• Sympatec "Product units of measurement" 
• Elrepho 450X "Product Color Measurement" 
• Oven "Product Moisture analysis" 
• Retch "Product sieve analysis" 
• Microscope "X7-fold magnification manhunt" 
• Muffle Furnaces 
• Moisture Meter "Infrared-enabled for daily moisture measurements 
Laboratory Services:
• Production during the period 24/7 to provide services 
• All manufactured in the production of a range of values ​​to be analyzed whether, 
• Product Analysis Report  Preparation, 
• From our customers for products and samples analyzed 
• Testing of the products of our customers