Renews itself in a changing world and emerging markets, most effectively serve the needs of customers on the duties of the place, bringing its investment continues to grow the business. Growing needs of the industry and the market's growing short, medium and long term investment objectives to be met in the most efficient manner specified conditions in the country, and these targets are implemented quickly.
Completed Investments
• Automatic bag series robots were started
• Micronized Calcite Mills was started.
• Web system has been renewed.
• Completed construction of a new silo tanks.
• Slurry (Wet Calcite) plant was started
• Indoor Raw Material construction is completed.
• Completed the construction of 6000m2 Indoor product is in stock.
• Automatic Bag filling Robots were started.
• Quality of the online tracking system was started
Investment Targets
• In accordance with the demands of the market and our customers to increase the existing production capacity,
• establish new production facilities within the boundaries of the country.