About Us

Esen Mikronize A.Ş has been established in 1988 by Kırışoğlu family with the aim to industrial mineral grinding production in Tuzla,Istanbul.  Esen has own calcite ore it located Marmara Island.  Marmara Island has the highest whiteness and brightness of marble and calcite deposits on the island of Marmara which is provided by its own mineral reserves.
Esen is working on 10.000m2 closed production area of ​​20.000m2 open area in Istanbul on manufacturing activity in the Micronized Calcite is shown, 6.000m2 warehouse of products are being packaged in a closed area. Calcite grinding installation average value between 1 to 40 microns 16 different thin coated and uncoated in the characteristics of the micronized powder calcite production, 1-5 microns between values ​​of different fineness Slurry (wet micronized) calcite products and 0.1 mm-2.5 mm in dimensions 12 Granules Calcite production is carried out in a different tact.  Esen is working with 100% automation for calcite products manufactured in closed production facilities.
Esen Mikronize A.Ş is working as main supplier over 1,500 clients in 12 different industries to meet the needs of the calcite in 2014, increasing production capacity and product range further expanded the coverage of the company with more customers began to meet the needs of calcite.
Esen Mikronize A.Ş  is working as main supplier over 1,500 clients in 12 different industries. Esen Mikronize A.Ş increased the production capacity at the beginning of the 2014.  Micronized Calcite Calcite annual grinding capacity is 700,000 tons. Slurry  (wet calcite grinding) production capacity is 100,000 tons.