Calcite; In the production of cable inner core and the outer casing, a high amount of PVC in the production of cable trays are used as a filler, PE (Polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, such as binding agents and shows very good. Coated and Uncoated manufacturer's option, the two kinds of calcium carbonate can be used.   
Benefits of Esen Calcite:

• PE and PVC reduces the amount of consumption, reduces the cost of production. 
• Less bleaching agent is used. 
 •The cable has a high UV resistance, yellowing of products is delayed. 
• Does not contain heavy metals, prevents wear of the extruder screw. 
• Oil absorption rate is low. The oil used is reduced. 
• Calcite is fireproof, it is important for the sector. 
• When used in the outer sheath has shock-absorbing manhunt. 
• calcite coated with a better quality of surface smoothness is obtained.