Calcite, interior and exterior paints, water-based production are used as the high amount of filler. Effective to thicken due to the density of the dye and the production costs are optimized. Calcite is white and shiny, the production is stable, the production and the quality of the paint is effective in sealing ability .
Benefits of Esen Calcite:
• Optimized product costs. 
• With high whiteness provides high coverage and opacity. 
• The viscosity of the product is stable, is effective. 
• Amplifiers property shows, acts to hold. 
• Increase the impact resistance of the paint film. 
• Paint to shine a positive effect. 
• Titanium dioxide reduces the amount of use. 
• Calcite on the paint provides a wide brightness range. 
• Low-yellowing UV resistance through positive effect on the paint surface, yellowing of the paint is delayed.