HR Policy

Our company works effectively and efficiently will enable the execution of human resource planning, candidate selection, recruitment, units needed in the deployment of the workforce development, training needs identification and fulfillment of plans for, performance management, career planning, Human Resources Policy Our target. A total of 120 people are employed in the company.
Objectives of Human Resources
  1. Be the preferred employer of skilled labor
  2. In line with our target to run the company with corporate values, attributes to select the workforce in
  3. Investing in Employee Development, Motivation and Belonging Ensure
  4. By providing continuous development of employees, with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to create stickers
  5. Managers, employees and provide performance monitoring support open communication about it
  6. Take into account the suggestions and expectations of employees
  7. Commitment to continuously improve empowering approaches
  8. That embraces ethical values, taking into account the balance between work and private life to provide a work environment
Staff Qualification
  1. Having a reliable and honest
  2. To comply with laws and regulations
  3. Task to carry responsibility
  4. Transportation leadership qualities
  5. Have the ability to solve problems
  6. To be sensitive empathize
  7. Better manage business relationships
  8. Customer-focused service approach have
  9. Embrace the principles of efficiency, be open to new
  10. Be part of the tool