Construction Chemicals

Calcite in Construction Chemicals:
Calcite can be manufactured in different physical nature and intensity because of the construction chemicals industry grouting, Mineral plaster mortar, Tile Adhesives, Sealants used in many fields so on.This is an important filler.

• Oil absorption is reduced, other materials decreases.
• Calcite has a direct impact on product quality.
• Mineral filler is used as a thin mortar.
• Mineral plaster decorative images.
• Adhesion strength is high, güclü ceramic adhesives are produced.
• Reduce production costs, increase the competitiveness of manufacturers.
• The implementation period of the joint increases, the pot life is extended.
Calcite in Mastic :
Micronized Calcite; Acrylic Sealants are used as a filler in the manufacture of high volume, low whiteness and yellowness value through providing a positive contribution to the production of mastic and optimizing the manufacturing cost of an industrial mineral.
Benefits of Esen Calcite :
•Stable thin density because of calcite used in high amounts.
• is the cost reduction, reduces the amount of used Acrylic Latex.
• More white production is provided.
• UV resistance increases, the yellowing is delayed.
• Shows a positive effect on dispersion, controls the flow of the product produced.
Containing iron oxide in a high rate and therefore with high yellowness value produced by calcite sealant yellowing under sunlight of construction chemicals, etc., and they are known to have abnormalities in products. Therefore, manufacturers with lower yellowness values ​​of calcite are advised to choose their products.