Ground Calcium Carbonate

Micronized Calcite; Calcium carbonate ore is produced by grinding in ball mills. Micronized calcite products industrial producers operating in different industries as a filler is used, according to industry demand "native" and "coated" as produced. Micronized products in bulk, big bags are packed in bags and Kraft.. 
Our facility between 1 micron and 60 micron calcite are produced in 12 different varieties. During production is to interfere with the natural structure of calcite. With a rich assortment of every customer's needs are met.
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Micronized calcite is coated with stearic acid. Coating of calcite in various dilutions is possible that extremely good quality coating of the particles is important to homogeneously coated. We have modern coating plant products in the homogeneous coating process is applied. Our production facilities mean titer of 1 micron and 5 micron coated calcite are produced in five different fineness.
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