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Esen micronized AS; In line with customer requirements provide the sale of industrial minerals.
Is an industrial mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium silica, the softest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale with a value of 1. Talk of the dock with each other and the surface of the paint particles in the overall paint industry, to give firmness to the material in the tire industry, paper industry, to provide ink and water absorption, providing smoothness and purity of the cosmetic industry, to ensure the thermal expansion of the ceramic industry, create a toxic effect on the agricultural sector, pesticides, plastic industry oil It is used for filling the suction caused a manhunt.  
Barite (BaSO4) is an industrial mineral consisting of barium sulfate. Usually white, yellow and gray. The main source is Baryumun. Barite is usually in limestone lead - zinc in the blood vessels occurs with the heat source and hematite ore bed. A mineral used in the drilling industry due to its high density Barity. Paint industry whitening pigment and oil paint thinners, fill in the tire industry, is used as a ceramic glaze in ceramics industry. Barite is preferable in different quality and color in different sectors. 
Consists of a combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate. The specific gravity of a mineral fragile 2.8g / cm³ and hardness is between 3.5-4. Separated from calcite to dissolve the foaming when heated. Dolomite, press the iron and steel industry, including glass, ceramics, paints, fertilizers, bricks, cement and construction industry, construction chemicals, are used in a wide range of areas such as soil improvement in agriculture. 
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