Calcite, durability, hardness, flexibility, bending, stress prevention, strength and resistance to high temperature shows. Calcite, plastic and rubber industry PE, PVC, PP is used as a filler along with. Coated with natural micronized calcite used in the plastics industry. Coated Calcite; calcite coated with stearic acid is the state of the surface.
Benefits of Esen Calcite :

• Particlesize distribution of calcite is stable and homogeneous. Production yield is increased.
• Coated calcite increases in product viscosity, dispersion occurs comfortable.
• Outer surface energy is low.
• acts on the surface gloss and smoothness.
• Does not contain heavy metals, machinery and reduces wear on the screw.
• Dispersion is comfortable, improves production efficiency.
• With low oil absorption, reduce other inputs.
• Coated Calcite has hydrophobic nature, does not absorb moisture.
Calcite containing products:
• PE / PP / PVC filled products
• Plastic Bag and stretch film
• Cable
• Pipe
• Rubber
• Window / Profile
• Paneling
• Curtain Rails
• Garden Furniture
• Car Mats